SMARTCabinet® is used by leading companies, uniting their partners and clients on one secure, easy to use document management platform. DocClarity works to shorten cycle times, reduce copying and distribution costs, improve workflow, and provide our clients with the ability to turn document management into a bottom-line contributor—without adding additional costly and cumbersome resources.

Here is what some of our clients are saying about the DocClarity SMARTCabinet® solution.

“Increased business transactions from 15 to 50 in one year without adding any overhead or staff.”

“Shortened refinancing cycles by anywhere from days to weeks resulting in lower rates.”

“Outsourced six-person legal staff plus administrative support.”

“80% reduction in document distribution costs.”

“15% productivity increase capacity in tenant coordination staff.”

“Shortened new lease and renewal cycle times by five days…”

“Ability to redirect employee efforts to value enhancing work.”

“Grew square footage under management by 33% and tenants by over 50% without adding additional staff in Asset & Portfolio Management.”

“Saving $25K per disposition in travel costs alone.”