SmartCabinet Law


cloud-based content management for legalInstantaneous, Secure Accessibility to All Client and Case Content

Access to content is critical for today’s legal professionals and when numerous legal professionals work as a team, inclusive of support staff, paralegals, and attorneys, team members cannot afford to guess which version is most recent.

DocClarity provides an outstanding solution for law firms, private council, and other legal professionals, allowing them to accomplish more tasks without expending resources or exerting unnecessary energy.

  • Instantly collect emails, trial briefs and other requested legal documents in support of the discovery phase, helping to secure legal hold
  • Generate a secure web-based repository for all legal content in any format, such as video files, contracts, transcripts and notes, indexing textual content for future search recall-even notes
  • Ensure right of entry; guarantee sensitive legal files are viewed only by assigned access
  • Segregate cases, clients, contracts, or files for ESI using Data Rooms
  • Create a customized solution to catalog documents and information by client, department or any other classification and implement universally
  • Effortlessly manage, search and preserve your content, utilizing DocClarity’s intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Protect document integrity, security and version control; use Check In/Out to track and circulate shared documents and manage your practice
  • Streamline approval in with workflows dedicated to managing preparation of documents, filings, or contracts