SMARTCabinet® – Powerful Solutions
for Diverse Organizations

smartcabinet industriesIn our competitive world, survival of the fittest goes beyond the theoretical. Minor efficiencies have the power to impart returns capable of delineating the winners from the losers. DocClarity helps organizations expose efficiencies of all sizes to deliver replicable best-practices that cut costs, increase productivity, and generate immediate ROI.

DocClarity provides a plug-and-play platform with robust utility. Ever mindful of ROI, DocClarity helps organizations harness the features of its platform and implement a unified strategy incorporating unique systems and needs. Additionally, swift implementation compounds these benefits for a maximum immediacy of return.

Delivering ROI

By developing workflows around core transactions– such as electronic management of accounts payable (AP) or other financial processes, laden with documentation – cycles are simplified, transitions are tightened, and bandwidth is increased, directly contributing to the bottom-line. In fact, most organizations report labor productivity increases in excess of 40 percent within the first year of implementing a DocClarity solution.

DocClarity allows diverse organizations to do more with less by tracking and indexing content for future accessibility and streamlining back-office routines, such as invoice processing in accounts payable, employee review in human resources, and budget creation and approval processes occurring across any organization. Content management, document imaging, and workflow implementation allow organizations to save millions; however, these processes are merely the beginning.