SmartCabinet Public Sector


Solutions that Simplify Processes, Saving You Time and Money

cloud-based content management for public sectorDocClarity hosted solutions provide immediate impact to organizations across the public sector. From local government to State and Federal Agencies, school districts to utility organizations—and everyone in between—our solutions simplify everyday processes such as digitizing, organizing, storing, updating, tracking, archiving, or searching and retrieving content making core processes a breeze. The incremental efficiency derived, quickly translates to a more productive team, saving precious time and money.

From securing and tracking bids and contracts to monitoring, committee ratifications to legislation, DocClarity helps collect, monitor, and secure content so teams are free to focus on deliverables. Powered by a robust, yet sophisticated architecture, DocClarity offers the flexibility diverse public sector entities need, while improving security, monitored accessibility, and remaining compliant. As a result, constituents and residents receive faster service response times in times of need and efficient best practices enabling enhanced collaboration and coordination are transmitted and implemented instantly.

With the user-friendly interface deployed by DocClarity, public sector teams are given the enablement they need to remove the silos and walls artificially created by location and function, creating a single repository capable of facilitating consistent information and updates—regardless of department or location—fostering uniquely collaborative operations.