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Watch a 3-minute video outlining the secruity and backbone of SaskTel’s
state-of-the-art hosting facility

SaskTel provides and manages the architecture, hardware and software required to securely host the SMARTCabinet® application, leaving DocClarity Hosted Solutions free to concentrate on delivering, servicing and supporting our clients. The SaskTel Hosting Facility, a state of the art data center, was the first Canadian Data Center to achieve the Hewlett-Packard Silver Certification (at the time the highest achievement possible) and recently became one of ten sites in the world to achieve HP’s Signature Certified status.

Offering SMARTCabinet® as a Web-based, hosted application allows DocClarity to provide the infrastructure, software and support customers require for a monthly fee. This structure allows customers to avoid capital expenditures; accelerate implementation; reduce risk and budget; manage their expenses; and eliminate concerns over owning, managing and upgrading the hardware, software, infrastructure or IT support related to this application.

SMARTCabinet® is delivered as a completely managed, outsourced service that DocClarity hosts, maintains and upgrades for a predictable, ongoing monthly fee based on usage, delivering a series of benefits unavailable from traditional software, including:

  • Lower upfront costs. Since DocClarity operates and maintains the application and has invested in the back-end hardware needed to run it, businesses don’t have to buy expensive new hardware and pricey software licenses. Depending on the customer, this can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront costs.
  • Lower ongoing costs. DocClarity eliminates the need for either initial or increased internal IT personnel to support and maintain a document management application. The only technology involved is a web browser and an Internet connection. This preserves your capital and turns your costs into a monthly expense that is scaled to actual usage — instead of a large upfront payment.
  • Faster deployment. In addition to lower costs, a hosted and managed application can be deployed in much less time than an internal application. “Deployment” for the business user is simply a matter of setting up and activating an account. Upgrades to the host software are implemented automatically, as well, since they are delivered over the Internet.
  • Reliability and security. SMARTCabinet® is hosted at a HP Signature Certified data center, a technologically sophisticated facility that provides more application reliability and data security than businesses can typically afford on their own. Moreover, fully managed centers are staffed by personnel whose sole job is securing, maintaining and backing up data and applications. Many organizations will not give access through their own firewalls to individuals who are not employees of the company. In a hosted environment, the risk is eliminated, and collaboration outside your business is enhanced.
  • Anytime-anywhere access. Customers can access their applications and data 24/7 from any Web browser. And since the application interface is a browser, deployment to additional users requires no additional hardware investments. Moreover, the Web browser is a familiar, cross-platform interface, so training is simplified and access is universal.
  • Total cost of ownership. When the total cost of application ownership is calculated, the SaaS (software as a service) model is usually much less expensive. As noted, the reasons include smaller or nonexistent upfront equipment costs; fees based on usage or transaction, rather than on dedicated software licenses; lower ongoing support and maintenance costs; and faster deployment, including deployment of upgrades and patches.

One of the distinct advantages of a hosted solution is that it removes most of the technological issues and headaches. Below is a list of items you are responsible for when purchasing and installing software:

  • Requires capital expenditure to license
  • On-going annual software maintenance
  • Hardware and other software needed to implement
  • Network infrastructure
  • Opening firewalls for external access
  • Development of a document management application specific to your business
  • Ongoing enhancements and customization
  • IT headcount – internal support
  • User support must be provided by IT or some other internal organization
  • Exposure of back office systems to hacking risks [external access granted through firewall]
  • IT must upgrade software with new releases
  • Disaster recovery limitations
  • Security limitations based on internal capabilities
  • IT management of backups required
  • Not directly connected to Internet backbone – potential performance shortcomings
  • Limitations on ability to support a 24x7x365 operation

Contrasted to a hosted document management solution from DocClarity, all you need are the following:

  • One or more computers with a Web browser
  • An Internet connection
  • Using the document management application