Technology Partners

DocClarity partners with best-of-breed software and service providers to leverage a strategic blend of capabilities that enables us to deliver a world-class hosted document management solution.


DocClarity utilizes Adobe award winning technologies and software including their Macromedia Flash product.


DocClarity offers CVISION’s PdfCompressor that allows clients to create compressed PDF’s automatically as they are checked in. With CVISION’s PdfCompressor, captured files are converted to PDF. B&W documents are compressed up to 10X smaller than the original, color documents to 100X smaller. All are fully text-searchable. The resulting PDFs open in Acrobat Reader without the need for plug-ins or proprietary software and image fidelity is identical to the original – even when enlarged. By providing PDF versions of native files, content can be viewed on various platforms without the need for the native application, at full resolution. With the added value of compression and Web optimization, compressed PDF files download faster and open on the users’ desktop quicker resulting in bandwidth savings and improved user satisfaction and productivity.


DocClarity leverages Kofax Image Products, a division of DICOM Group PLC and a leader in document imaging, to capture and contribute paper documents to SMARTCabinet®.


The DocClarity solution utilizes Microsoft’s SQL database with Microsoft desktop applications such as Microsoft Office. All of our servers run on Microsoft Windows Advanced Operating System.


Realcomm Conference Group, LLC is a worldwide research and event company at the intersection of technology, innovation, and real estate operations. Through our annual conferences, webinars, workshops, CIO Forums, and other strategic services, Realcomm provides networking and collaboration opportunities, while educating industry professionals about the latest business solutions and technologies to improve commercial real estate development, leasing, management, and operations.


SaskTel’s fully managed hosting services offer our customers a highly secure, reliable, and scaleable hosting environment for our applications and client content. SaskTel is one of 10 facilities in the world possessing HP’s Signature Certified Classification.

Oracle | Stellent

DocClarity is a member of Stellent’s application partner program and utilizes the Stellent® Universal Content Management product as the foundation for SMARTCabinet®, offering our customers a flexible, robust, and scalable content management solution that allows employees, customers, and partners to collaborate, contribute, and access business content anywhere worldwide. Stellent has more than 4,500 customers worldwide.


Sun Java System Web Servers (formerly Sun ONE Web Server) is our secure, high-performance platform for all types of Web applications, including those based on JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet technologies, Active Server Pages, PHP, and CGI.

TailorMade Software, Ltd

TailorMade Software, Ltd is the leader in the conversion, manipulation, and display of CAD data, particularly AutoCAD, Microstation, Adobe, HP, and related formats. Our use of TailorMade software enables our customers to look at large format plans and blueprints without CAD software on their desktop.