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cloud-based content management for healthcareUnite Patients and Staff for Superior Care

Time is money – but in the healthcare setting, time can also be a derivative of life or death. In critical situations, unification and distribution of the right information to the right people becomes even more important. In order for this to be accomplished, patient information must be accessible. This information must also be unquestionably secure, reliable, and organized in a manner that makes sense to your organization.

DocClarity provides a compliant solution to organize, index, and catalogue content that normally resides outside the EMR, EHR and HIS becomes accessible and actionable at anytime. This solution enables hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, long-term care units and all other types of facilities across the healthcare spectrum to:

  • Establish a comprehensive patient record.
  • Heighten patient safety and service through immediate access to content.
  • Compliance through secure access and advanced reportability.
  • Save time and money, eliminating paper via a web-based repository containing all types of content formats.
  • Simplify the organizational communication process by breaking down barriers and allowing immediate access to patient updates, lab results, consult requests.