SmartCabinet Insurance


Do More With Less – Innovations for the Insurance Industry

cloud-based content management for insuranceInsurance companies understand process – from invoicing policyholders, vendors, and 3rd party partners to reviewing, resolving, and auditing claims, process is always in motion. Initiating improvement to content management processes, including creation of workflows and notifications can impart exponential augmentation of profit. By automating daily tasks, reducing fixed costs and fostering better response times in customer service inquiries, insurance companies position themselves to become industry leaders.

DocClarity provides a solution fit for insurance companies of all varieties. With functions such as content indexing, workflow, and automatic notifications, insurance companies are able to cost-effectively capture, organize and streamline process, enabling organizations to accomplish more with significantly less.

  • Shorten process cycles and transitions, improving hit ratios & lowering LAE
  • Enhance customer service by trimming retrieval times
  • Foster relationships between remote agents and HQ, gaining additional content
  • Reduce manual follow-up and lost files
  • Augment corporate process to include remote agents
  • Save thousands in storage, office supplies and mailing costs
  • Remove thoughtless tasks fostering employee engagement and innovation
  • Ensure compliance of state, federal, and local regulations
  • Audit processes to discover and correct inefficiencies
  • Access critical information on claims anytime, anywhere