Training and Support

DocClarity provides the assistance you require to utilize the SMARTCabinet® service effectively. Our team delivers first-class training and support to ensure you immediately turn your organization’s content into a strategic resource for your company that can be leveraged and shared anywhere, anytime.

DocClarity assists the customer in the development, review, and monitoring of plans for the implementation of our hosted document management service. DocClarity provides the single point of contact for coordination and management of all deployment activities. Our support team will address and coordinate issues, and help to facilitate communication with all team resources.

DocClarity’s approach consists of applying a structured rollout process where the customer assumes the ownership of the project plan, while DocClarity works in cooperation with the customer project leader.

The DocClarity project manager works closely with the project leader, to ensure a successfully smooth deployment. The benefits to the customer are the following:

  • Increased potential for successful project implementation
  • Maximization of resource utilization for DocClarity and the customer
  • Off-loading of repetitive rollout activities from the customer to DocClarity