SmartCabinet Law

Business Process Management (BPM) becomes an automatic function with workflows

  • Instantly create a secure repository enabling all employees and partners to access critical data
  • Eliminate the liabilities of paper documents, impossible to track email attachments, and unsecured content
  • Simplify interdepartmental project communication and collaboration by implementing workflows that assign multiple users — independent of role-induced boundaries
  • Distribute job requisitions, resumés, benefit documents and more to all employees
  • Shorten cycles and audit hold-ups without sending numerous emails to group members
  • Deliver self-service access to digital images and content in each employee’s file
  • Ensure the most up-to-date content is used organization-wide, maintaining compliance and initiating change in a snap
  • Resolve discrepancies promptly assessing transactions and holds
  • Quickly and easily access records from any location in the event of an audit
  • Share critical content and initiate process, free of boundaries like distance, time zone, server location
  • Ensure compliance and organizational conformity across your organization by maintaining connection

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