SmartCabinet Law

Exposure Mitigation

Why settle? Legal teams win with DocClarity…

Mitigate the common exposures that leave you liable:

  • Indiscriminately saving documents on an office network “I am on vacation, it will have to wait until I get back to the office…”
  • Excessive content stored on laptops that can be stolen or accessed on insecure mobile networks “Gone, yes all gone–even the billing documents and client medical records…now what?”
  • Inability to limit and control access to confidential data “I saw Bob, my clerk, and Ann, the opposing council’s clerk, at the opening last night–it turns out that Bob was in Philadelphia with Ann in undergrad and the opposing council team certainly has a lot to lose.”
  • Reliance on third-party IT “Not another network outage, I am going to have to hire another full-time Server Support Specialist…”
  • Disruptions in ability to locate and restore critical data “The network is down again???”
  • Loss of files and work product through backup failure “After my computer crashed, I sure am glad I backed-up…hey, wait a second…this is only through last year!”
  • Excessive paper-based documentation prone to damage, deterioration, and unauthorized copy “I went to get the file you needed from the archival, but it was ruined…”
  • Emailed files containing sensitive material– who knows where those files are sent?

DocClarity delivers the efficiency you want, with the compliance you need, through a best-of-breed solution with an affordable pay-as-you go model:

  • Service, store, and manage all file types; including OCR capabilities for future searches
  • Ensure due diligence; use Data Rooms to designate and administer groups for confidential content
  • Obtain freedom from third-party IT
  • Implement a sustainable Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Work securely from any location
  • Remain compliant