SmartCabinet Commercial Real Estate

Leasing for Commercial Real Estate

Accelerate Due Diligence

SmartCabinet®, a DocClarity Solution, ensures that Leasing Agents are not burdened by paperwork and hunting for leases. Get instant access to leases and templates, allows agents to be better equipped to complete leasing and releasing processes, at any time and from any Web connection. As a result, agents are able to focus on maintaining high occupancy rates and handling more tenants, without adding staff.

With DocClarity, your documents are not stored in multiple offices, managed and accessed by multiple people; instead, content is centrally stored on the Web, allowing leasing teams to:

  • Perform keyword and/or date searches on any content
  • Establish multiple automatic notifications, engaging all appropriate parties, as lease renewals and expirations approach
  • Disseminate and share reports online through secure Data Rooms
  • Share information with tenants online

The specific benefits for leasing agents include:

  • Greater efficiency through business process improvements
  • Faster online research
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Improved collaboration across your business
  • Improved customer service