SmartCabinet Education


For incoming students and their parents, working to make a selection among several institutions, the admissions office, office of financial aid and the registrar’s office serve as the forefront of each parent and student’s experience with each institution. As professionals of educational institutions know, the primary focus must be to deliver great student service, thus building confidence that the institution can ensure ongoing student success.

DocClarity supports educational institutions in their mission by incorporating information and processes used every day and empowering them with intuitive functionalities to:

  • Streamline admission processing, decision and support services;
  • Speed student registration and ensure that any changes made within the process occur;
  • Quickly deliver informed financial award decisions;
  • Ensure accuracy while supporting FERPA compliance; and
  • Streamline credit evaluation from transferred transcripts.

With DocClarity’s powerful content management and electronic workflows educational institutions can arm admissions officers, financial aid counselors, registrars, and other key personnel with the efficiencies they need to complete enrollment services processes faster than ever before.

Whether commencing upon a new semester, preparing transcripts for graduation, or working through any activity peak, DocClarity gives educational institutions the power to remove the stress of paper processes and free enrollment services staff in order to surpass expectations responsively and proactively.