SmartCabinet Education

Student Services

With the instant gratification society today’s students hail from, a school’s ability to provide timely service has become a crucial factor in student evaluation. In the competitive education marketplace, schools find it quintessential to retain students once they’ve enrolled, placing an even greater emphasis on unifying information, making it quickly accessible for appropriate parties.

DocClarity has powerful solutions for educational institutions of every level. From colleges and universities, to primary and secondary institutions of a public, private, or charter nature, DocClarity helps institutions worldwide, in their mission to exceed parent and student expectations, by creating efficiencies in student services departments and enabling campus-wide unity.

DocClarity captures student content of medium, tying it to the appropriate student record both student and business systems. Authorized users in student health, residential life, or any other student services department are able to instantly access the information needed to meet student needs. Additionally, confidential information is protected; each user is enabled with specific permissions, only allowing access to the information they are approved to have or need to access.

DocClarity’s robust content management features capture, index, and share information with colleagues in real-time with electronic workflows. Armed with DocClarity, student services departments can:

  • Advance security measures, protecting student records and complying with privacy standards
  • Increase student satisfaction, providing faster responses and more accurate information
  • Eliminate long waits or lines for service, reducing stress on students and staff at peak times
  • Facilitate collaboration among other offices and departments by removing the limitations posed by paper and physical barrier
  • Improve the availability of information for retrieval by authorized users