SmartCabinet Education

Student Records

The protection of student records is a critical concern for all educational institutions. However, successful solutions must allow students to be served as efficiently as possible because timely fulfillment greatly impacts student perception and satisfaction. DocClarity streamlines the processes involving student records, allowing quick access and review and the ability to track forms, allowing teams to eliminate delays, serving students faster.

Electronic management of student records fosters efficient accessibility for all authorized parties; providing greater institutional control and supporting FERPA and other compliance efforts more effectively. DocClarity also allows educational institutions to cost-effectively and proactively manage historical records throughout their lifecycles, while complying with records retention policies. Unlike paper-intensive processes, records managed with DocClarity’s solutions are instantly accessible from any location, yet securely stored, safe from physical damage and/or deterioration.

DocClarity’s solutions for student records allow educational institutions to:

  • Increase student satisfaction and retention
  • Improve student service
  • Accelerate processes for approvals, transfers, and declarations
  • Eliminate wasted space used for physical storage of records
  • Improve collaboration, securely sharing content with controlled user privileges
  • Drastically increase employee productivity and satisfaction