SmartCabinet Education

Scholarships / Financial Aid

More and more students are relying on scholarships and financial aid to finance their education. As a result, financial aid counselors and admissions counselors need easy ways to remove process barriers and shorten review cycles, so they can quickly deliver these critical figures to potential students and their families.

DocClarity provides solutions that streamline the processes of awarding scholarships and dispersing financial aid packages, by driving efficiencies throughout the entire verification and awarding process, freeing staff to advocate for a greater number of qualified students.

With DocClarity, teams can efficiently and securely manage scholarship application packets and financial aid packets submitted via mail, email, fax, your school’s web site or any other method, simplifying the verification processes (SIS data and financial aid documents), and awarding packages and scholarships faster than ever before.

DocClarity drives educational institutions to:

  • Streamline the collection of complete financial aid packets and scholarship applications
  • Automatically engage appropriate reviewers with notifications
  • Simplify dispersions for verification
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Shorten review cycles for faster awards
  • Boost review committee and employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce the cost and embarrassment associated with misplaced documents