SmartCabinet Education


The athletics departments have many complex processes from recruiting and coaching, to advising and ensuring league compliance, or even completing its own accounts payable and human resources functions-all areas must be collaboratively maintained to foster the success of diverse teams. Also critical to the success of any athletic department is the ability to ensure the academic achievement of athletes via collaboration with other departments on campus.

The management of these processes is quintessential to the ongoing success of programs and critical to institutional reputation. As a result, demonstrating institutional control and collaboration has become a top priority to leading educational institutions and their athletic departments. DocClarity provides SaaS based solutions for content management, document imaging, and collaboration through workflows; providing athletic departments with the tools they need to automate key processes, create efficiencies across teams and departments, enable collaboration campus-wide, and enhance compliance efforts.

With DocClarity, authorized users-from coaches to compliance officers to administrative staff-can instantly access the documents and content they need to evaluate recruits, verify eligibility, approve invoices, track statistics across time, streamline academic reporting, monitor budgeting, and more.

DocClarity’s advanced content management functions allow approved users to easily and securely share information with colleagues across campus to:

  • Streamline the processes of recruitment, invoice approval, travel & expense approval, donation management, alumni communication, contract management-you name it;
  • Semonstrate institutional control and ensure compliance with state high school leagues or the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA or any other regulatory bodies;
  • Improve communication and collaboration with enrollment services, simplifying eligibility procedures for upcoming seasons; and
  • Safe-guard student privacy, managing all content in a secure, electronic repository.