SmartCabinet Education


Educational institutions of all types and sizes rely on donations to supplement their budgets and deliver the experience today’s students expect. Advancement offices play an enormous role in helping institutions reach goals and meet their unique missions, by assisting in the coordination of fundraising efforts. Offices must effectively solicit, receive, process and disburse funds–without error– and ensure positive relations with the donors and friends that generously make the donations that make such great things possible across campus.

With DocClarity‘s solutions for gift processing and donor management, fundraising and advancement offices can overcome piles of paperwork and cumbersome process cycles that are difficult to track. Checks, correspondences, donor plans and other content are captured and stored in an electronic repository and automatically tied to the appropriate donor. Workflows can automatically be initiated to commence approval processes and processes to express gratitude. Authorized users can instantly access the information they need, streamline gift processing and notifications, and share access to donor files for authorized users across campus.

DocClarity enables fundraising and advancement team members to:

  • Process donations faster than ever
  • Deliver immediate communication and service to prospective and existing donors
  • Collaborate and share information with other departments
  • Foster employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce costs associated with misplaced documents
  • Retain donor privacy as directed